We are breeders of AKC registered, "purebred" Siberian Husky puppies in Central Illinois.


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Our adult breeding dogs:
Livasy White Thunder Thor,  Livasys Tila,
Livasys Misha and Livasys Xena


"Thor" is our new, gorgeous black and white male with two beautiful blue eyes!!!  I have enjoyed him so much, he is kind, fun and full
of energy!   He loves his boot!



Here are Thor's puppy pictures!


  Will be posting pictures of our new females and new breeding


Tila comes from a great line of show dogs.  Not only is she beautiful,
she has a heart of gold!

Tila is a black and white female with 2 gorgeous blue eyes!





Her sire has an
has excellent lineage, hailing from ancestors of
 Innisfree and Kristari.

Her dam was whelped at Mikayla Kennels and also supports
 an extraordinary pedigree!

 Misha is a wolf gray and tan female with 2 gorgeous blue eyes!






Xena is out of Livasys Link and Livasys Tila's litter.
She has the greatest temperament and has
great conformation!





Rika is my little angel!  Two ice blue eyes and the personality
you want in a husky!

Rika's pedigree goes back to Kodiak Thunder Blue!





"Tux" is an absolutely amazing stud and when I say stud, I mean just that.  He is probably one of the best all around Siberian huskies around!  Tux is gentle and so well mannered.  His build and coat are perfect.  Just look at his pictures.  You can absolutely tell he is the son of a champion!

His father is:

 ~American International Champion ~
Kia's Showin For the Gold


Hero's Black Tie Affair (Tux)




Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc,

 Siberian Husky puppies are the most loving dogs around. 
They do not make good guard dogs, as everyone is their friend.
In order to raise a husky, you need a large, fenced in yard!



They will run off if allowed to go free.
You also need to be aware they shed twice a year and
believe me, there is a lot of hair!







Winter Wonderland


1, 2, 3....hide and seek!


You're it!


No one will catch me!!





Email:  VBL420@AOL.COM

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