We are breeders of AKC registered, "purebred" Siberian Husky puppies in Central Illinois.


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Welcome to DLA Siberian Huskies!
We are located in central, Illinois in the town of Decatur.


Siberian Huskies make wonderful companions and DLA Siberian Huskies is proud to raise fine quality AKC registered dogs for home or show. We have been breeding Siberian Huskies for 12 years and pride our selves in the quality of pups we have!


Huskies are great with children and make the perfect pet.  They are a loving, wonderful dog, so if you are thinking out purchasing one, please read this page: (click )  "Is a Siberian Husky For Me?"  Do your homework first!  Research the Siberian Husky before you purchase.  Make certain the husky is the right breed for you and your family!

The Siberian Husky needs lots of room to run and play and do not do well in small areas for long periods of time!  If you are wanting to purchase a pup, please keep in mind the size of your yard, or the exercise you are able to give the dog.

We are not a large kennel, but a small breeder that have purchased "purebred" lines and try to keep the standard of our breed above the "backyard" breeders.

Our huskies are not caged or kenneled, but turned loose to run 3 acres of underground invisible fencing.  They have woods, a creek, and our kept lawn to run and play all day!  They are loving, tender hearted dogs that once you have one, another breed just won't due~!


We don't have a waiting list for puppies, so please watch our web site for updates on planned litters and litters now.

We hope you enjoy the site and the wonderful pictures of our dogs!  It is truly a blessing to have a Siberian Husky and enjoy their love and energy!



Email:  VBL420@AOL.COM


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